Ethical Hacking & The Importance of Web Security for Online Business

Zero Day Security is the brainchild of Lukasz Jendraszek. Covering everything from penetration testing to emergency system recovery, the service provides protection against hackers, leaks and unauthorised access. We caught up with him in our co-working space to find out more about the future of web security.

“Working as a web developer for three years made me realise how valuable digital security is, and how crushing it can be to lose important data,” said Lukasz. “I launched Zero Day Security earlier this year and since then the company has gone from strength to strength.”

With the growing number of online security threats and dangers appearing daily, experts like Lukasz are in high demand. Zero Day Security offers businesses the chance to tighten their system by setting up monitoring software, which simulates attacks.

“It’s called ethical hacking,” explains Lukasz. “I impersonate a hacker, try to break in, and then produce a report to reveal any holes in the organisation’s security system.” He’ll then inform his client on how they can go about solving these issues.

So can Zero Day Security offer full protection from online threats? “No one can be fully protected,” answers Lukasz. “There are new things happening every day; however, it is important to make sure that you’re not the lowest hanging apple on the tree, or a juicy target for the hackers!”

The skilled entrepreneur has had to overcome the obstacles of getting people to take web security seriously: “It’s important for anyone who is active online. What would you do if you ran an e-commerce site and it was down for two days?” he asks. “Not only would you lose money, but also credibility and your reputation. No one is going to want to use your site again if you have been hacked; it can cause permanent damage.”

Businesses big and small must also consider the legal consequences of lax web security. According to Lukasz, fines of between £40,000 and £50,000 can be issued if a breach occurs: “Some simply wouldn’t be able to afford this, and not following the standard that the law sets out could cause permanent damage to your company and your livelihood.”

Zero Day Security is extremely beneficial to its users, as it works to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to ensure compliance, consistency and safeguarding. Lukasz has been able to spread the word about web security through networking at the C4DI, with his membership directly leading to the acquisition of new clients and collaborators.

“Just having access to the building automatically introduces you to people and potential customers. It’s a great space for social working; it removes barriers so that you’re not strangers anymore.”

Zero Day Security is set to expand further over the next few months, as Lukasz plans to get busy with targeted activity on social media sites, optimising SEO and revamping the website to include a brand new blog section. He’s also found that networking events and conferences have been particularly beneficial when starting up a company and learning a range of skills.

Fortunately for Lukasz, the web security field is booming and there is a massive shortage of experts: “Hacking conferences attract lots of people from my field and are a great way to meet prospective clients, develop skills and techniques, and open up possibilities for collaborations.”

Asked to give an actionable piece of advice, Lukasz said: “Appreciate the dangers and avoid a sour situation, because you only need a breach to happen once, and it can completely destroy your business.”

If you need anything from a system health check to a code review, visit and discover how Lukasz can keep your online operations safe and sound.