Vitamyn successfully launch supplement subscription box

After pitching the idea to C4DI, pharmacist Farooq Aslam has spent the last 3 years building his company Vitamyn, streamlining the way people take supplements for their active lifestyles. The Vitamyn subscription box has been officially launched this past week, and with subscribers already in the double figures, Farooq is keen to spread the word.

Vitamyn aim to take the hassle out of taking tailored supplements to make sure you are at the peak of health, by delivering a “combination of vitamins and minerals are designed with the active person in mind, for people who look to bridge the gap for their nutritional requirements and want a convenient solution for their micronutritional needs.”

By getting customised supplements delivered to your house each month, Vitamyn take the hassle out of being oversold giant bottles of vitamins and trying to figure out the dosage for each one. You receive 28 days worth, split into removable pods in a tray so you have your day’s supplements prepared and ready to take.

Studies and reports have highlighted various levels of success for how effective supplements can be, with emphasis on how multivitamins can’t supply all of your vitamin needs from one single pill.

Vitamyn was created to allow people to take bespoke supplements that provide better micronutritional benefits than multivitamins with no extra hassle, for a low-cost monthly fee with no contract.

To follow their successful launch, Vitamyn plan to release a mobile app that will allow customers to track their micronutrient intake and upload it into apps such as Apple Health on iPhone to accumulate with other health data to give a larger overview of the user’s well-being and lifestyle.

Having worked in clinical environments in the past and seeing how simple health problems can affect people’s lives, as well as the simple ways they can be treated, Farooq has always wanted to provide to charitable causes to help prevent and treat disease in places where medical care is not a commodity. He hopes that through profits from Vitamyn, he can provide to these causes and help the treatment of simple health issues in underprivileged areas.

Farooq explains his motivations behind Vitamyn: "I wanted to give people an easier way to manage their supplements, an intervention is only as good as your adherence to that intervention. We provide you a solution that is more convenient, helps you to be more consistent, and the tech connects you to personal micronutrient intake to help you navigate your way through."

Vitamyn's subscription box is certainly off to a brilliant start, but Farooq has big plans in place for the company and is looking for new subscribers to change the way they use supplements. Check out whether Vitamyn is the solution for you by getting in touch with Farooq, and find out more about their introductory offer where you can get your first pack for only £20 (Use code vitamynintro at the checkout.)