The C4DI Burger is here!

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David Keel, Chair of C4DI, recently bid successfully in a Charity Auction (raising funds for Holy Trinity Church and run by C4DI tenants, Strawbery)  to win a Burger Experience.

He initially thought that a “Burger Experience” simply meant that he would have the chance to eat lots of burgers?!? But soon discovered that the experience would involve working in the kitchen of Hull’s Head of Steam (with their Kerb Edge Burger chef) to create a very special burger, followed by the selection of an appropriate beer to drink with it .. and then finally to serve this to my family guests when they arrived later in the day! The burger would then (if edible) become the “special” for the following week and percentage of the proceeds donated to the Holy Trinity charity!

Dave’s burger journey initially took a wild detour after he jokingly challenged head chef to make a “toothpaste, plum and porridge burger” ( the challenge was accepted!) but in the end he made it - the resulting burger (and accompanying beer choice) ended up being totally delicious (according to Dave and his family).. and was created as an homage to the C4DI. “The C4DI Burger:”

It consists of a “platform” (ie O/S) of the very special Kerb Edge burger, with a topping of coffee mayonnaise (because techies love coffee), a smashed #(hash!) brown, beef # (hash) and a fried egg in a brioche bun. Totally delicious – not a crumb left over by the end of the night. And now its available for the coming week at Head of Steam, Kings Street (opposite the front of the Holy Trinity Church).

Get it whilst you can!

website: Head of Steam, Hull