Make Your Marque run skills masterclass: 'The Leadership Game'

Annalieza Landa and her leadership training company, Make Your Marque, hosted Arco’s IT & Change Management Leadership Team last week to lead a workshop as a part of their ‘Away Day’ at the C4DI building. With both Arco and Make Your Marque being C4DI members they met in the building one day and got chatting about Annalieza being a member of the John Maxwell Team, a worldwide group of professionals who utilise the leadership principles of renowned public speaker John C. Maxwell to deliver talks and programmes on leadership and business growth. Following their discussion at C4DI, Arco asked if she would host the workshop, to help develop skills such as leadership, teamwork, personal leading and organisation knowledge, away from the interruptions and distractions of their own workspace.

Annalieza’s workshop consisted of a play of The Leadership Game, a comprehensive tool aiming to help businesses increase their leadership value with clients. The game uses various sets of cards that come with questions to provoke conversation and debate amongst the players, such as leadership cards, follower cards, and debate cards. A dice is rolled and the colour that is landed on dictates what type of card gets played, for example, if a debate card is picked then one person must pick another to argue the other side of an argument, whether they agree with it or not. This means players must try and see the benefits of both sides of a debate, allowing them to come to more reasonable conclusions that can be applied directly to the company. The tool is used to initiate conversation about important issues, bringing priority to problems that were previously unknown as well as developing communication skills. A point system is used where players can reward each other for particularly useful insights or ideas by giving them a peer reward card, and if a player has not given out their peer reward cards by the end of the game they lose points themselves. This encourages people to praise each other for good work, inspiring more positive communication between team members.

The support from Make Your Marque does not stop when the game finishes, as Annalieza produces a report from the session to allow her clients to have a written record of what problems/solutions were raised. This means she can provide coaching and recommendations for how to progress with solutions if needed. Find out more here.