C4DI Intern - From physics graduate to 3D designer

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You’ve probably all seen me darting around the building, getting too much coffee and collecting newsletter articles about all the amazing things going on here, but this week I get to write a little bit about my background and why I’m here. If we haven’t been introduced my name’s Ryan Cole and I’m currently here at C4DI as an intern creating content for various communication channels, such as gathering stories for the Friday Roundup newsletter, amongst other odd jobs here and there. 

I graduated from University in the summer with a first in Physics with Astrophysics, but I always knew I never wanted to remain in the field as the degree was more of a means of opening career options. As an avid gamer, my dream job has been game development for as long as I can remember, and I’m way too stubborn to give up on pursuing it. However, it is not an easy field to get into so I contacted C4DI to see if they had any intern/work experience opportunities, and with it being the biggest tech hub in the area I figured it was the best place to start. The rest is history as I am now the resident intern, doing anything and everything I can to help the community expand and improve.

As well as doing work for C4DI I came with the intention of starting a career in web design since it was similar to game design but a little more accessible. Turns out I don't like web design. Being at C4DI, however, has meant I have been introduced to some pretty awesome people who have helped me start a career path in 3D design and motion graphics. I’ve been working with an AI developer on creating 3D assets for a video game, a freelance designer on setting up my own design career and I’ve taken advantage of the many member-only events available here (playing with Oculus Rift was a particular highlight!). 

I’m going to be here continuing to gather stories for the newsletter and progressing my design career so feel free to chat to me if you see me around! You can also check out my blog if you want to read my ramblings about life.