SteamDesk | Community Bio

SteamDesk is a high-end web development company that works with large organisations across the world to develop complex and bespoke systems.

The Lincolnshire-based company has worked with the British Psychological Society to create over six websites for their 16,000 members. Meanwhile, the talented team has developed a HR system called ELEDEX, a white label solution for SMEs.

In the future, SteamDesk hopes to get their exciting Artificial Intelligence project off the ground. This exciting product is the brainchild of three C4DI businesses: SteamDesk, Arc and Steve Bowman. 

Being a member of the community has allowed SteamDesk an inspiring place to work outside of their office, as well as serving as a brilliant base for networking. The team frequently attend the Hardware Group held in the co-working area every other Thursday evening.