Rob Lewis | 54 Degrees North

54 Degrees North is a digital health innovation company that assists individuals and companies with building meaningful products and solutions through the use of technology and science.

The company also has a keen interest in launching their own digital health-focussed products. Being at the C4DI has allowed the company to have a practical space to host crucial focus groups and conduct market research. 

In March 2017, they launched My Souls, a shoe insole that is specially tailored to support the feet of pregnant women. 

FLX will be their next release. Combining decades of physiotherapy knowledge with the power of a smartphone app, FLX will promote musculoskeletal health through a series of simple tests and corrective exercises. 

Director Rob Lewis possesses a wealth of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as a deep understanding of the corporate world. This distinctive skill set has allowed 54 Degrees North to work closely with creative agency YesYesBD to encourage companies to become digital, disruptive and to think differently.