Paul Mandalia | Good2Learn

Good2Learn is a brand new online educational platform, which provides families with access to a series of short, but finely-tuned curriculum-based lessons.
The idea came about when Founder Paul Mandalia recognised the need to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the home. The product is aimed at parents who are keen to help their children, but who struggle to do this in a meaningful way that also fully aligns with the current national curriculum. Paul discovered that this situation often leads to a frustration among parents and a trend of underachievement in the classroom.

Not only will the platform provide bite-sized explainer videos, but it will also offer wider support to its young users. This will be in the form of interactive exercises, a reward system and suggested lessons in areas where the child is struggling. 

Feedback from local schools and colleges has been overwhelmingly positive, with all who have so far engaged with the initial series of beta lessons agreeing that Good2Learn would help parents to better support their children and reinforce classroom learning.

The final product sets to launch early 2018 and the team is currently developing the multifaceted platform, as well as filming, editing and producing the first set of videos. 

Paul has many years of experience in the educational field. He is passionate about reaching as many families as he can with this new platform and is confident that the product will provide a strong foundation for their educational careers.