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Events to help your business grow are at the heart of our community

Some events are member only, some events are especially for members and we host and support a wide variety of Community Events too.  Here's a flavour of some of the monthly meetups that happen here:

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Business Support & Growth

  • Negotiating Masterclass

  • C4DI Business Improvement Club

  • Office Hours - with Professional Services Experts

  • R&D & Tax Workshops from PwC

  • Negotiation Techniques Workshop (run by Bob Spence)

  • Startup Stories (Hear from seasoned tech entrepreneurs)

  • Company Member Welcome Events

DEV Support & Learning

  • Code Pen

  • Hull Devs

  • Agile Meetup

  • Hull Marketing Meetup

  • Hull Designer Meetup

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) event

  • C4DI Hardware / Hull Pixelbot Meetup

  • Electric Kit Car Project

  • Office Hours - with Industry Tech Experts

  • Technical Seminars (from the likes of IBM, Amazon)

Networking & Socials

  • Daily 11ses (coffee, catchup & quick networking)

  • Monthly Breakfast Meetup

  • Friday Beers

  • Friday Social Drinks (In the Old Town)

  • Running Clubs

With over a hundred events a year and new events weekly you can find out about all the latest events and news from the C4DI by subscribing to our weekly newsletter.

“Attending the events is one of the highlights of being a C4DI member. I’ve lost count of the amount of tips and useful information I’ve picked up, plus meeting new people to collaborate with.”
— Guy Wallace, ForwardThinker

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