C4DI Running Club

Lunch time running club by the C4DI for members and any runners with businesses based in the local / fruit market area.

The C4DI is based in the fruit market C4DI is home to hundreds of businesses large and small - this will be a nice opportunity to get some fresh air, stay fit and network with the businesses around you. We welcome people at all levels so please do come along!

Currently we arrange runs two days a week & meet in the C4DI reception, prior to setting off. We also now have a WhatsApp group to help coordinate the runners - email Dee for details.

You can see a map below and click here to join the Strava group.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to get in touch with Dee -  dr@c4di.net.

We hope to see you soon! 


TUESDAY, 5- 7K LOOP, 12.30 PM

This short faster run is a figure of eight up to Siemens and back and around the marina aiming. 

This route is perfect for newcomers because it has lots of cut throughs meaning runs can be tailored to ensure the distance suits a runners ability.

Click the map to see the route in more detail.


This is a longer, 30min out and 30 min back route out on the river front towards Hessle and back.

Because this is not a distance or speed based run the route is great for beginners and pro’s alike - you can run as far and fast as you like! 

Click the map to see the route in more detail.