The Launch Event

We had a fantastic launch event - have a look at the video to see how it went.  Thank you so much to all who took part and thank you to Peter at Strawberry for organising the cameraman.

The event was an opportunity for C4DI members and RB to network, showcase some of the member businesses, and to hear some talks on how the partnership will work.

What is our Partnership?

The Partnership is focussed on 3 areas :

1. Education

How RB can tap into some of the skills and expertise at C4DI to learn more about the fast tech world of some of the businesses our members run.

2. Mentoring

How RB’s team can help accelerate the growth of businesses based here, whether that be in helping with product development, customer insight, growing internationally and much more.  

3.  Incubating

In 2018, C4DI and RB will be working together to attract and grow the best consumer health tech startups in Hull.

If you're a member, you'll know all about it, and so please do :