LEP Survey About Our Sector

We are working closely with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to ensure that the digital/tech sector grows rapidly in the next few years. Sarah Clinch is the business development manager from the LEP and is very keen to promote you and your company!

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"We have fantastic digital companies in the Humber. The problem, as people keep telling us, is that no-one outside the region knows they’re here.

The Humber Local Enterprise Partnership is a partnership between local authorities and businesses that aims to promote economic growth and create jobs. We know that we have a strong digital sector and want to help that sector to grow. However, we need you to help us to promote the Humber as a hub for digital creativity and innovation (and raise the profile of your company) by helping us to tell the story about the talent and expertise we have here.

We’re collecting information about companies to build up a comprehensive picture of the digital sector in the Humber. We’d also like to use your businesses success stories in publicity material about the Humber. If you would like to be involved, please click the link below to fill out a short form - thanks!"

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We are looking specifically for success stories, unique stories about businesses and brands you are working with or products you are making and developing.

Thanks very much.