High Growth Events Launch: How To Take The Next Step With Your Scaleup

Thanks to our partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs, an exciting series of High Growth events kick off at the end of this month, aiming to help scaleups take their businesses to the next level.

On Wednesday 27 February, three new sessions will be taking place - High Growth Talks, Growth Grub and CodeBase Office Hours.

We'll be welcoming two acclaimed speakers to the building: Leon Doyle, founder of WIFIPLUG, and Alistair Forbes, Investment Director and Head of Software and the Internet at Mercia Technologies.

Session 1 - 10am : How To Build & Grow A Software Company’.
(Member Only)

The first session will start at 10am and focus on 'How To Build & Grow A Software Company’.

Alistair boasts extensive experience in this topic, after creating, building and selling a startup software business himself earlier on in his career.

He now works for Mercia, a national investment group that specialises in the identification, creation, funding and scaling of innovative businesses with high-growth potential from the UK regions.

You can read Alistair’s full bio on the Mercia Technologies website. 

Alistair Forbes - Mercia Technologies

Alistair Forbes - Mercia Technologies

Session 2 - 12pm : Growth Grub
(High Growth Members Only*)

At 12pm, we’ll have our first Growth Grub and hear from entrepreneur Leon Doyle as he tells us first hand the inspiring story behind his creation - WIFIPLUG. We've designed our Growth Grubs to follow a relaxed and informal format, which involves a presentation and time for discussion, followed by a tasty lunch and a chance to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and founders.

The idea for the app-controlled smart plug and smart light switch came about after his girlfriend continuously left her hair straighteners on, causing them to turn the car around on many occasions.

With WIFIPLUG, you can control your lights and other electrical devices remotely, from your phone!

Growth Grub attendees will be able to hear about how Leon created WIFIPLUG on the 16 May 2013, using funds from his previous startup. He then travelled to China with his dream and managed to sell his first product in December that same year.

Now, WIFIPLUG is the only smart plug to work with Siri, Alexa, Google, Cortana and IFTTT and is used by people across the world. Following six funding rounds at over $1m, WIFIPLUG has shifted over 50,000 units and is used for around 1 million hours per day.

Leon's story is an inspiring one, but we believe his experience and insight into the world of business is invaluable to so many of our members.

*Please note the Leon Doyle talk is a member-only event, and in order to come you must meet the entry requirements of our programme (please see here).

Leon Doyle - C4DI Growth Grub - WIFIPLUG

Session 3 - Afternoon : CodeBase Office Hours
(High Growth Members, by Invitation)

After a delicious lunch and a chance to unwind and meet fellow attendees, an afternoon of one-to-one sessions with CodeBase will follow. CodeBase is the largest technology incubator in the UK and one of the fastest growing in Europe. Please note, the CodeBase sessions are invite only and you need to get in touch with John Connolly (jc@c4di.net) to enquire.

How To Build and Grow A Software Company with Alistair Forbes will take place at C4DI from 10am-11:30am on Wednesday 27 February. This is open to all members of C4DI but you must reserve a ticket.

Growth Grub: High Growth Lunch with Leon Doyle will take place at C4DI from 12pm-1:30pm on Wednesday 27 February. This is open to members who meet the entry requirements of our programme (see below):

1. A ScaleUp Business.

A ‘ScaleUp’ is an enterprise with average annual growth in employees or turnover greater than 20 per cent per annum over a three year period, and with more than 10 employees at the beginning of the period.

Or :

2. You Meet The Following Criteria.

If you don’t meet the criteria of a ScaleUp business but are clearly on that trajectory, would still like to be part of the programme, and meet the following criteria, please get in touch with jc@c4di.net


  • Have a product with a business model that is both repeatable and scalable and can confidently pitch to investors or customers.

  • You are the founder/co-founder

  • Are in revenue or going through funding rounds

  • Have engaged with C4DI/Barclays incubation support programmes (workshops, events, 1:1s etc)

CodeBase one-to-ones are invite only and you need to get in touch with John Connolly (jc@c4di.net) to book.