Eon Visual Media Breathe Life Into New Life-Saving Brand 

C4DI Company Member Eon Visual Media has worked with Simply Breathe Ltd to bring their new product and brand to life, overseeing everything from product packaging and assets to digital content and social media. 

AirForLife is an emergency escape device, providing people with a self-contained source of breathable air to survive and escape from emergencies where breathing is impaired, such as domestic fires and terrorist attacks.

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"We started developing the brand, creating brand guidelines and devising the mission, vision and values for AirForLife," Olivia Sissons, Digital Marketing Executive at Eon Visual Media,  explains. 

"After this, we developed the product packaging and other brand assets. Our aim was to create an effective online presence for the brand, which meant building an engaging website that would work as an eCommerce platform for people to purchase the product."

The idea for AirForLife was first conceived by Joe Barratt and Matthew Sygrove, who both worked together as firefighters. 

"Statistically, more than 85% of people who die in house fires, die of smoke inhalation. Being in the fire service, we had seen the devastating effects of fires. We'd rescued many people, but some of them had unfortunately passed away before we could get to them," Matt tells us. 

“Smoke hoods do exist, but if oxygen levels drop below 15%, filters (including filters found in smoke hoods) are not sufficient to keep a person alive. An external source of oxygen is the only way to survive such situations."


Joe and Matt wanted to create an affordable product that could be kept in people's homes, hotel rooms and offices in case of emergency.

"We worked with Dr. Tony Ryan, a science professional with expertise in gas adsorption. The end product is a simple design with rapid deployment; when the button at the top of the canister is pressed, a flow of cooled oxygen is released to the mask, which is supplemented by air purified by the smoke and chemical filters," Joe adds. 

"AirForLife uses activated carbon, which is made up of very fine pores that give rise to an enormous surface area. For example, one teaspoonful can purify an area equivalent to the size of an international football pitch." 

"The story behind the product is fascinating, so it's essential we showcase this on the social channels," Olivia enthuses. 

"Digital content is key to the success of a business, working as an important tool to engage their audience. It's been an integral part of AirForLife as they're launching a product from scratch and need to build an audience base - interesting, informative content is really powerful in supporting this."

For more information about Eon Visual Media, visit their website. You can discover AirForLife here.