Ebuyer Partnership with C4Di


Another development in busy month for the C4Di! We are delighted to announce a new partnership between the C4Di and ebuyer.com. The aim of the partnership is to continue our work with new businesses in the area and encourage the formation and growth of tech start-ups. The partnership will enable us to eventually offer start-ups the chance to work with the ecommerce company and place products on the Ebuyer website.

C4Di members will be able to showcase their product directly to the ebuyer buying team giving them direct access to a major retailer, and a crack at the ecommerce market.

We will work closely with ebuyer to offer exclusive workshops, talks, and additional support to C4Di members.

Over the next few months ebuyer and the C4Di/ Hull digital will put together events and meetings to help kick-start the partnership.

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