Hiring a developer: what your startup needs to know

This article was written by Pearson Frank

Whether you to choose to hire a developer who’ll become a permanent fixture or a contractor, there are many obstacles you’ll need to overcome to find a person who’s the right fit.

But before you jump feet first into the recruitment process, we’ve spoken to some exciting startups to discover the biggest risks and rewards you’ll uncover when hiring a developer.

Hiring a developer? Get value for money

In the early stages of business development, you will aim to save money wherever possible.  While this can help prolong your business lifespan, the cost of keeping developers employed can suddenly spiral, so if your current devs are twiddling their thumbs for weeks on end, it’s time to look at money-saving alternatives.

If you’re a non-technical founder, the primary way to save money, while still thriving, is to find the most cost-effective way to create and deploy your product to achieve your goals.

But to get this right, explains Dileepa Ranawake Community Manager at C4DI Hull, it comes down to more than showcasing technical competence and traditional project management.

“Software projects are complex. Especially for startups,” says Dileepa. “Make sure you pick a software developer/company that can implement an iterative, agile build methodology.” If you’re offered a waterfall development project, then steer clear, as this will only ramp up the costs, your attempting to keep down.

However, if you have the right development methodology, and you’re still looking for a way to save some extra cash, then hiring a freelance or contract developer could be the best move for your business to make.

It could be that you have a prolonged testing period in which a developer isn’t necessary. If this is the case, Dileepa advises you take the freelance route; this means hiring a developer for only the times they’re required, which can cut your running costs during the long gaps between the development processes

Risk: If your business uses a development company, you may be offered a waterfall development project, which can lead to issues.

Reward: Selecting the right methodology and developers can save you money while getting the job done effectively.

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