How can schools use Social Media safely & securely?

Louise Cooke of echo digitalcreative, and new partner Emily Culver

Louise Cooke of echo digitalcreative, and new partner Emily Culver

Social Media can be a tricky nut to crack - there are an assortment of important aspects you need to consider, from security and privacy to your public image. These things are even more vital to get right for schools, but if done right, then platforms such as Facebook and Twitter become fantastic opportunities for engaging with parents, teachers and students alike.

Echo Digitalcreative have over a decade of experience working with more than 90 schools in the area. Helmed by Digital Marketing Manager Louise Cooke, they have recently launched ‘webspace 2.0’, aiming to integrate social media as a communication tool for both school and classroom activity.

To achieve this, they have partnered up with fellow C4DI member Emily Culver, founder of Culver Consultancy. Bringing Emily’s expertise to schools across Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, echo aim to deliver comprehensive social media training workshops to teachers, allowing them to use Facebook and Twitter securely and to their full potential.

“There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of other people doing this, especially with the experience Culver Consultancy have in the area” Louise explains, “Feedback has been great from our existing clients in the sector”

This is a perfect example of how collaborating with other community members has allowed echo to expand their business along with the range of products and services they can provide, something which is happening every day in the C4DI.