How Neil Curtis Generates £10K Per Month From Amazon

How Neil Curtis Generates £10K Per Month From Amazon

Join Neil Curtis for a spot of lunch on Wednesday 11 October to discover how he generates £10,000 a month from his Amazon-based business. We caught up with him to get a sneak preview of what he’ll be teaching us.


You’ll be hosting a Lunch & Learn next week, what can you reveal about the talk?

I will be mostly talking about Kid Transit, which is a parent and baby brand that I set up in 2014. It started off with a couple of car accessories for children that make parents’ lives easier when they’re out and about as a family.

So, I’ll be telling everyone how I got started, how I decided what products to sell and how I continue to generate sales today. I’ll also be going into depth about how to source products and how shipping works. I think it will be really useful for those who are keen to make money online and set up their own store.

Recently, I’ve expanded and began to sell my products on Amazon Japan. This has led to me to team up with fellow C4DI member, John Cant. We now offer a service to Amazon UK sellers where we manage their Amazon Japan accounts, from the initial setup to a translation of their listings, and we even deal with customer queries. It’s a valuable package that no other company in the UK provides.


Wow, you sound like you’re pretty busy. How did it all start for you?

I set up CTOP Ltd, my umbrella company, in 2011. This was alongside working at my previous job as a researcher at the University of Hull. I started a couple of niche affiliate websites, which focussed on other Amazon sellers' products, such as Turbo Trainers.

The first Kid Transit product I ever bought was a baby car mirror. This product fixes to the backseat of your car and allows parents to keep an eye on their little ones with a quick glance in their rearview mirror. After this, I expanded my range to feature three more products, including a car organiser and sun shield. Three years on and I have seven products in an array of colours and sizes.

Before I became a member of the C4DI, I was a little apprehensive to make tough business decisions, such as investing in a new product. But, being in this environment has helped my company and brand grow.

So, what’s next for you then?

I would love to grow and expand my company. Eventually, I think I want to do more consulting and mentoring, helping other online businesses to grow and sell online.

Lunch & Learn with Neil Curtis will take place from 12pm-1pm on Wednesday 11 October. This is a member-only event. C4DI members can book their place here: