Fuzzfeed at the Turner Prize

C4Di based company My Pockets have been running a year long project for Hull 2017 called Fuzzfeed. 

My Pockets record the real conversations of Hull teenagers then make puppets that look like the teens. The puppets lip sync to the conversations. The project is funny, original and gives the rest of the work insight into the hidden mind of the teenager. 

Fuzzfeed has visited Hull 2017 events including the Turner Prize, the Blade and Pride as well as exploring topics including love bites, whether Hull is really the end of the line and aliens in Lidl. 

My Pockets, who were nominated for a Hull Digital Award this year, have worked with teenagers for over 10 years training them to use digital media and art to tell their own stories. At the heart of their work is the idea that digital arts can be used by all of us to communicate our experiences to the rest of the world. 

My Pockets have been making Fuzzfeed puppet films all year with teenagers in Hull for its year as City Of Culture.  This week the gang visited the Turner Prize.  Enjoy!