A New Digital Platform for Dance Merchandise

Label Worx.jpg

Providing digital services to over 7,000 independent record companies within the dance music genre, it’s easy to see why Label Worx is the industry’s go-to provider. We spoke to Business Manager Alex Powell about this incredible company that’s based right here at C4DI.

“Our services include worldwide distribution, which involves liaising between record labels and over 500 digital stores, such as Spotify,” explains Alex. The brand also provides the mixing and mastering of records before they are released, as well as general promotional tools to help labels move to the next level.

“We supply a royalty accounting software, which is a cloud-based platform that record labels can use to pay artists,” Alex adds.

On top of this, Label Worx aims to help out labels even more with a new digital project: “We’re currently in the beta stage of launching a merchandising platform, where customers can come to us with their designs. We then sell their merchandise.”

Starting off with T-shirts and sweatshirts, Label Worx hopes to expand the merchandise range for multiple record labels they already work with.

“Merchandise is great for promoting music, but it’s also stressful to produce and manage successfully,” says Alex. “We’re offering an easy-to-manage solution that will benefit the labels, the artists and the public. Through this system, dance fans can discover new work from a range of different creators.”

As Alex explains, within the dance music industry it is quite common for a whole record label to have a loyal following. The brand of the label becomes a statement, and many will run events where all of their artists come together for a collaborative celebration.

“Merchandise is an excellent way to promote music and gain more fans, which in turn means more gigs for the DJs,” Alex tells us. “With our platform representing a whole host of different labels, they each access a great opportunity to get discovered.” Put simply, it’s a win-win arrangement for everyone involved.

With a client base that contains most of the dance record labels in the world, this new merchandise venture from Label Worx is bound to be a huge success. Hoping to launch their project this spring, the digital label service has already had more than ten clients sign up.

Being based at the C4DI has helped the team progress from the cofounder’s bedroom to a more professional environment. However, they also embrace being themselves when at work: “We wouldn’t be any good in any old office block. We like to play music and have fun,” Alex laughs. “It’s great to be in a creative environment where we can work alongside likeminded people.”

If you or someone you know runs a record label that could benefit from this digital service, sign up at label-worx.com