Arc Studios | Community Bio

Arc Studios is a bespoke software development company, offering expert digital solutions to help streamline and grow both local and international organisations. 

“The C4DI has been our guiding light. Without their continual support, Arc Studios wouldn’t be where it is today,” - Tom Findlay, CEO of Arc Studios.  

In 2013, Arc Studios was a bedroom start-up. Today, they have blossomed into a fully-fledged development company, with five directors and two employees and even sponsored a Hull Digital Award for 2017’s ceremony. 

Their expert team has a wealth of experience in developing unique software for businesses, whether that’s an innovative website or a large-scale database system. 

Arc Studios completely support their clients from idea conception to product release. The accomplished app developers can also craft mobile solutions for clients who want to access data from anywhere and keep track of what’s going on within their organisation. 

TradeChimp is a prime example of their quality service. What started out as an idea in a pub is now a ready-to-launch product that will help a vast number of small building sites operate more efficiently. 

The directors of Arc have a strong passion for nurturing the next generation. Arc works closely with the University of Hull, frequently taking on interns and offering valuable work experience opportunities. Many of the team are, in fact, Hull Alumni. 

In the future, Arc hopes to develop its own products, as well as expand the team and range of services offered.