Tim Mutlow | Jar Half Full

Full Stack and Mobile Developer Tim Mutlow is the Director of Jar Half Full. 

Specialising in web and app development, Jar Half Full is at the heart of the C4DI community, continuously providing quality services and collaborating with fellow members. 

Their personal approach is applied to everything they do, allowing clients to be involved in the process every step of the way. 

Jar Half Full has recently worked on a challenging project with another C4DI member. They successfully created a micro website for an international client. 

Tim is also assisting BIMSense to deliver their unique Building Information Modelling by developing a brand new web platform for the company. 

On top of this, Jar Half Full is about to launch their own product, Happy Goon. The greeting cards that come to life use advanced Augmented Reality technologies that are sure to revolutionise the way we send and receive cards. Jar Half Full has developed a native iOS app that can be downloaded by the recipient so that they can see their card spring into action. 

For this incredible innovation, Jar Half Full have been finalists at the Hull Digital Awards two years in a row; in 2016 for Best App and in 2017 for Best Emerging Technology. 

In the future, Tim hopes to expand his team and take on more ambitious projects.