Saab | Community Bio

Saab is a global security and defence company, with products ranging from submarines and fighter jets, to air traffic management systems. 

Employing 15,000 around the world, Saab has chosen to base a team of nine talented software developers at the C4DI. 

“C4DI is so much more than a building full of techies, it’s a real community of innovative people who all want to share ideas and help each other,” Simon Read, UK Director of Public Safety for Saab Defence and Security.

Dedicated to the company vision that ‘it is a human right to feel safe’, they are currently working on SAFE. This is a mission-critical communications and incident management application used by police forces to connect with the public, as well as integrate national databases, track officers on patrol, monitor CCTV and dispatch officers to incidents. The technology, which has just launched in the UK, is also used in airports, prisons and by public transport operators, including Transport for London. 

Saab will be soon launching SAFE with the Cheshire Constabulary, replacing eight old systems with one, efficient application. This will save the police force an incredible 1.5 million a year.

In the next coming months, Saab is hoping to grow it’s Hull-based development team to support the company's projects across the country. 

Simon Read, Director of Public Safety UK for Saab Defence and Security, has personally seen his developers embrace the community spirit at C4DI. Saab has attended several of the tech seminars and events.