MJN Software | Community Bio

Matt Norrie is a software developer at MJN Software. 

Providing bespoke software for a diverse variety of local and international clients, MJN Software has been established for three years. Before this, Matt had been freelancing for a decade and a half. 

Currently, MJN runs a large control system for Tata Steel. This system is used in the company’s production factories and enables the efficient and safe manufacturer of steel. Meanwhile, MJN works closely with Saab on their mission-critical communications application SAFE. The incident management app is used by police forces to connect with the public, as well as integrate national databases, track officers on patrol, monitor CCTV and dispatch officers to incidents.

Being a member of the C4DI has allowed MJN to thrive and connect with other members, as well as work onsite with the Saab software development team. 

In the future, Matt hopes to grow MJN as he continues to develop his skills and provide a quality service.