Mark Bucknell | Built With Code

Mark Bucknell is a Full Stack Developer at Built With Code. 

Specialising in mobile and web applications, he works closely with small and large companies to deliver apps that truly understand his clients’ needs. 

With over 10 years experience, Mark has worked with a wide range of organisations and industries, including social services, power stations and even a superyacht company. This has enabled him to develop a vast skill set, which he now applies to his thriving freelance business. 

More recently, Mark has been involved in an exciting tracking application for radio. He has been working onsite with a client to get to grips with what they need from their application. This way of working gives Mark an enhanced perspective on the way in which people and businesses work. 

It was becoming a member of the C4DI during the community’s beta stage that provided Mark with the inspiration and confidence to start up Built With Code. Since then, he has organised the popular CodePen meetups where developers can share skills, knowledge and make meaningful connections. 

In the future, Mark wants to look at ways in which he can grow Built With Code, whether this is hiring a new developer, or training an apprentice.