Ian Shepherd | Denlo Limited

Ian Shepherd is Managing Director and Interim Manager at Denlo Limited. 

Working with both public and private sector organisations that are undergoing change, he is an accomplished senior manager with a wealth of experience in leading teams to improve and produce focussed results. 

In the past, Ian has worked with a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, business services, engineering and pharmaceuticals. He has also worked with the NHS and several blue-chip multinationals. 

After gaining a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Ian entered the industry as a Unilever Companies Manager Trainee, which allowed him to form a solid foundation for his diverse career in manufacturing and management. 

His main strengths and specialities include change management, outsourcing, relocation, startups, project management, product development and HSE management. A talented troubleshooter, Ian is passionate about strategic analysis, team development and hands-on implementation. 

Ian became a member of the C4DI to enhance his knowledge of digital innovation and frequently attends the workshops, events and talks that are hosted by the community.  He also works closely with Alex Youden of NFire Labs to guide the young entrepreneur as he grows his 3D printing business. 

In the future, Ian would like to take on difficult and demanding assignments in order to expand his skills and expertise and be more useful to organisations.