Farooq Aslam | Vitamyn

Farooq Aslam is the Founder of Vitamyn, a vitamin subscription service that integrates with a mobile app. 

The innovative consumer product removes the daily pains of individuals having to organise and maintain their intake of vitamins. 

The app integrates seamlessly with the physical product, sending the user a notification when it is time to take their next dose. It quantifies their daily intake and involves simple gamification to encourage the user to maintain healthy habits. The app is currently in beta testing but will available for Vitamyn customers to download very soon. 

Recently hitting 100 subscribers, the startup has just shipped its 500th order. 

An experienced pharmacist, Farooq has a strong passion for health and has designed the Vitamyn brand to heavily reflect this. He is keen to inspire positive actions and to encourage his customers to improve their overall health, advocating a better diet and frequent exercise in his marketing messages. 

Being a member of the C4DI has allowed Farooq to make meaningful connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, as well as work with developers on his website and application.