eskimosoup | Community Bio

eskimosoup is a creative marketing agency with the main aim of achieving social good. 

Specialising in research, campaign development and implementation, eskimosoup work with the NHS, public sector, local authorities, ethical businesses and national charities to provide a platform for their health and social messages to the general public. 

The Not In Our Community collaborative campaign is one of the team’s proudest achievements. Co-produced with a group of young people, the award-winning project to helps to protect vulnerable individuals grooming and sexual exploitation. What was supposed to be a six-month awareness campaign, has now turned into a permanent regional project. 

Meanwhile, since becoming a member of the C4DI, the agency has started work with their first international client, The Movember Foundation. Working in the building has allowed eskimosoup to restructure and outsource work to fellow members. In turn, this way of working has allowed the team to focus on what they are passionate about. 

In the future, Director John Gilbert is keen to look at new ways in which to create opportunities for the community and with other businesses. He is also keen to develop the corporate side of eskimosoup, offering businesses an array of digital storytelling services.