David Colley | Precision Hydration

Precision Hydration is a leader in athlete and team sweat testing with a passion for the science of sports hydration. 

The fitness-focused company has a wide range of products that fight dehydration and help athletes to maintain their performance for longer. 

Alongside this, they work with both professional and amateur athletes to devise personalised hydration strategies and have the best chance of achieving their goals. A bespoke sweat test is carried out to see how much sodium is in the individual’s perspiration when they are at rest. Precision Hydration conducts these tests with athletes at test centres all over the world. The results are then used to accurately pinpoint the appropriate products for that person. 

Meanwhile, they have created a digital online test to give people an general idea of their ideal sodium intake. 

Many of their customers use the product to fight cramp whilst exercising and the food supplements can also be beneficial when you are sick or spending a long time travelling. 

Precision Hydration currently works with professional athletes around the world, but ,in the future, the company hopes to take their innovative products and services and expand their market to the general public.