Moodbeam | Community Bio

Moodbeam is a handheld wearable that logs your moods at the push of a button. 

The simple, yet revolutionary, two-button device is the brainchild of Christina Colmer McHugh and Jonathan Elvidge. The pair teamed up to create and design a tool that can integrate with your smartphone or tablet to track how you feel from day to day. 

We are currently seeing an upward trend in diet, health and exercise logging. However, Moodbeam goes one step further, taking into account our moods and processing this data in a meaningful way. 

The pioneering thought came about when a bullying issue arose at the school of Christina’s daughter. Whilst the problem was quickly resolved, Christina believed it would be useful to know how her child was feeling during the day. Since then, the project has proven popular with industries and organisations in both the public and private sectors. 

Currently, a prototype of Moodbeam is being tested in order to streamline the product and refine a target audience. The creators are understandably very excited to see the future potential of the device. 

Moodbeam is a prime example of how the C4DI continuously enables individuals from non-technical backgrounds to innovate in the digital world.