Ash.TV | Community Bio

Continuously developing their patented tech for smart video advertisement, Ash.TV help businesses of all shapes and sizes market to online customers. 

The core aim of their product is to allow clients’ to fully target video advertisements to their ideal customer. This can be done by selecting age, gender, location, interests and even their occupations. Not only is this excellent for brands, but it also means that consumers will only see advertisements of products that are relevant to them and their lifestyles. Ash.TV has the power to transform online ads so that they are more efficient and streamlined for both the company and potential customer. 

Starting out in a bedroom just over a year ago, Ash.TV has rapidly grown into an international business, with offices in three countries and the hope to expand even more. 

The past year has enabled brothers Tom and Ash Lewis to hire around twenty staff members, work with a large number of clients across the world, travel to Amsterdam, France, London and Texas and even attend a meeting with the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. 

In the future, the young company hopes to collaborate and work with fellow C4DI
members, taking advantage of the fruitful, talented community.