Precision Hydration : Marketing Assistant

Precision Hydration is looking for someone to help them spread the word about the work they do personalising the hydration strategies of some of the world's top athletes (from Olympic medalists and NBA superstars to the World Sheep Shearing record holder - no joke, sheep shearing is some seriously sweaty business). 

You'd help us activate our sponsorships of some of the toughest endurance events on the planet (we're talking swimruns in Sweden, ultra-marathons in Fiji and don't forget Hull Marathon...). You'll work with our athletes and some of the coolest brands in sports to create content to educate and engage anyone looking to perform at their best whenever they're sweating doing what they love (you know, triathlons, cycling, running. If you were thinking of something else, get your mind out of the gutter!). Oh, and you'll get do the odd bit of mindlessly boring adminy s*it as well - because that's just what it takes to grow a successful business.

Get in touch if you're a self-starter looking to break into marketing (or take your next step towards becoming a marketing ninja). Some marketing experience would be ideal, but the main criteria are energy, an enthusiasm for learning fast and the desire to get stuff done and build something amazing whilst having a blast along the way. 

You probably know your way around Instagram and could tell us what SEO stands for (even if you've no experience doing it). If we asked you who the Brownlees are, you probably wouldn't say "yeah, I know them, they're those guys who shop at Aldi, right?". Bonus points if you're no stranger to a pair of trainers, some lycra and you've got Garmin Connect syncing with Strava, but no stress if that's just not you, as long as you're up for learning more about what makes athletes tick.

If that sounds like you (or someone you'd like to become), we want to hear from you. Send us your CV and a bit of blurb about yourself to Dave at and we'll take it from there.