Trident : Technical Author

·       Create and maintain accurate software related documentation and media for Sonoco Trident’s complex business systems.

·       Manage the production and supply of documentation and media to tight deadlines.

·       Communicate with development and test teams, business managers and staff to understand requirements and provide a high standard of output.

·       Collect information and verifying understanding, ensuring at all times that produced documentation and media is correct.

·       Clearly articulate meaning within documentation and media with a good clear sense of narrative.

·       Create meaningful images and media that contributes to the understanding of complex systems using simple techniques.

·       Monitor and sustain inventory of documentation and media produces and publish availability to others in line with the development life cycle.

·       Provide documentation and media to support the education and development for all Sonoco Trident internal teams. 

·       Key Requirements:

·       An understanding of the software development lifecycle.

·       Ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop and other tools for all documentation and media creation.