Trident : Software Tester

·       Create and maintain accurate software test plans for Trident complex business systems.

·       Manage and execute all stages of testing throughout the development life cycle.

·       Complete the execution of all testing.  Manage additional application of 

·       ad-hoc testing resource in order to achieve and maintain software quality.

·       Manage and maintain the automated test tools within the Development department.

·       Maintain awareness of testing techniques and best practice process and maintain ISEB certification.

·       Manage all necessary testing related communications within the development team and between customer account managers and users.

·       Monitor and sustain accurate information within the Development department; defect tracking and release control systems.

·       Management of the user acceptance process within the production environment.

·       Track, validate and maintain the recording of audit data for the software production, testing and approval process.

·       Maintain understanding of the following: 

    • Web Development (.Net)
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Apple Mac Development
    • Microsoft Operating Systems
    • Apple Mac Operating Systems

·       Provide education and support to all internal teams.

·       Research and introduce efficiencies to reduce the labour intensive nature of the testing process.