C4DI is here to help businesses grow by using technology more effectively.

In a report by Capgemini carried out over two years, they quantified the digital advantage. In a global survey of nearly 400 large companies, they found that the digirati are 26% more profitable, drive 9% more revenue from their physical assets, and earn 12% higher market valuations than their peers in the same industry. Some companies excel in investing in technologies such as social media and analytics. Other firms have strong capabilities to manage transformation. The digirati excel in both dimensions, and achieve better performance than their competitors.

Our starting point is therefore that digital maturity matters in every industry.

C4DI can work with you to bring together specialist teams who can think up innovative ways in which technology can be used to help grow your business or solve problems.

The first step of that is always an informal discussion over great coffee. Please get in touch and we can talk you through how we’ve helped other businesses.

Partnership with The Spencer Group


Specialist engineering business Spencer Group has become our first Innovation Partner.

The fast-growing Hull-based company has agreed a pioneering link-up with the founders of the Centre for Digital Innovation in Hull’s Fruit Market, the home of Hull’s rapidly-growing digital technology sector.

The partnership will see C4Di founders Jon Moss and John Connolly working with Spencer Group at a strategic level to develop business opportunities which have a technological aspect and harness technology to drive forward the company’s performance.

Specifically, C4Di will work with Spencer to develop the company’s Spencer Online System in-house project and document management system into a commercial product which can be licensed to other businesses and organisations.

Spencer staff will also have full access to C4Di’s facilities and its exclusive events which feature Skype video conferences with world-leading digital experts.

And, as a further development, Spencer Group Chief Executive Charlie Spencer is hoping to work with the C4Di founders, Hull College and other employers to develop a course in the city for software developers.

Mr Spencer says: “C4Di is great concept. It brings together digital talent and knowledge from across the city, enabling technology companies and individual developers to collaborate and share best practice, and facilitates them doing business with companies outside C4Di.

“Jon and John are very impressive individuals who we get on very well with. Under this partnership they will act as a conduit between us and the developers working within C4Di to carry out work for us.

“This partnership allows us to tap into the latest technology advances and innovations and develop our own knowledge and capability to take the business forward. It’s also an excellent opportunity to develop our own developers - to put something back into the team. We are also keen to build on this to help create a course in Hull for software developers, so we can increase the pool of talent within the city. We’re keen to talk to Hull College about that and also want to hear from other employers who could work with us on developing and supporting such a programme, including through employing apprentices with digital skills.”