Welcome to the future of your industry

C4DI helps tech companies grow and traditional businesses innovate. We run projects, workshops and events focussed on provoking thinking, challenging pre-conceptions and illuminating some of the pivotal digital technologies that will shape the future of your industry. Click the links below to find out more.

Kickstarting Hull's
Smart City

A focus for business leaders and tech experts to come together to put Hull amongst leading cities that use LoRa (short for Low Powered Radio) to help improve business, communities, health and address urban and rural problems such as air quality or waste management.

Why robotics and 3D printing will disrupt your business

Disruption from robotics and 3D printing represents big threats and opportunities for innovation in many industries. This event will educate delegates on what these are and how to best manage them from both a high level and practical perspective.

C4DI Computer Club

A series of private facilitated discussions designed to provoke thinking. Our team will work with you and your company to identify gaps in your organisational capability and explore how new and existing technologies can have an impact on your business and processes.