IBM's Watson has the power to diagnose cancer from a smartphone picture. Google's Pixel Buds can translate over thirty languages in real time. Airtable can be used to create relational databases, in hours. As the pace of technological innovation increases it is becoming a greater challenge for individual organisations to keep abreast of these developments and understand how existing technologies can be leveraged in their business.

C4DI's Computer Club is a series of privately facilitated discussions designed to provoke innovative thinking. Our team will work with you and your company to identify gaps in your organisational capability and explore how new and existing technologies can have an impact on your business and processes.


How it works

Computer Club sessions are built around three key streams that are selected, depending on the specific needs and the desired outcome of each session. A series of sessions can contain combinations of different streams.


Tech Trends

Find out the latest news on interesting technologies, tools, trends and ways of working in the global world of tech to increase your 


Community Discovery

A facilitated discussion with hand-picked Startups, Projects and Businesses that are relevant to your organisation.


Solution Exploration

A look at the challenges and projects that your organisation has with an aim to identify existing simple tech based solutions.