Company Membership

Company membership is for you when it is more than one person who wants to make use of the C4DI facilities (rather than an individual where the Community membership is the perfect fit). We have a wide range of companies making use of the membership, from tech startups whose employees meet and use the facilities to more traditional businesses who value the ability to come and meet experienced technology experts. We also offer bespoke memberships where we become a trusted technology partner, ensuring your business can innovate and be more successful.

What are current members saying?

Rob Lewis, Head of Health Transformation, R&D Innovation, RB

“Innovation is about making connections and joining them together to realise value.  Membership at C4Di allows us to interact with experts in digital innovation making contacts that can lead directly to innovations that will grow our business.”

Simon Hudson, Director, Cloud2

“Cloud2 has been a member of the C4DI almost from its inception, attracted by the flexible working spaces, the massively fast broadband and a very healthy working environment. However it is equally about the community; the ability to reach out to others for advice or insight, the alternative and stimulating viewpoints, the buzz and excitement of committed people building new things.

With the imminent opening of the impressive new home for C4DI and the uptick in the fortunes of the city, we are excited to be part of this evolving community, while continuing to take advantage of the facilities membership affords us.”

Mike Reed, General Manager, Escada

“One of the main reasons for our decision to move to C4DI, is we see the importance of creating a vibrant, exciting and free thinking environment to aid our product and system innovation. C4Di to Escada is more than just nice office space, it’s a technical community which will attract the best the City has to offer, this will aid our overall goal of diversifying and applying our knowledge and techniques to new market areas. Just being part of the community in C4Di is allowing us to achieve this already!  Another main factor to move part of our business from Malton to C4Di, is we feel being in a City is a major advantage which will allow us to attract a larger pool of talented people. With the links C4Di has established with the university and colleges in Hull, this can only be advantageous to Escada and aid our growth.

Escada’s vision for ‘a bright future’ is to ensure the Group continues to meet the ever changing demands within the industry, whilst allowing the diversification and experimentation of new Escada products in to new and existing markets, all reaching out to a wider customer base.  Being part of C4Di will allow Escada to not just achieve this vision, but accomplish so much more!"

Membership Details

Company membership starts at £350+VAT an you get all this below!

  • Company access to our wonderful new ground floor*

  • Work opportunities within the community

  • The fastest internet in the city (if not the UK) with our 60Gb symmetric connection from our friends at KC Lightstream where every single one of our desks has a 1Gb dedicated symmetric connection

  • Free tea and coffee

  • Use of the meeting rooms and board room

  • Reduced rate for hire of the new theatre (seats 40) with state of the art AV facilities

  • Unrivalled startup support and advice from within the community and our friends

  • Special offers from friends such as FreeAgent, Zapier, Twilio and WP Engine

  • Apply for $1000 of AWS credit

  • Office hours with PwC

  • Access to member only events ranging from parties to chats with people like Jason Fried from 37signals, Rory Cellan Jones from the BBC and Leander Kayney from Cult of Mac

If you would like to chat more about company membership or would like to pop in to see what what is happening, then just get in touch using the form below:


*Company membership operates under a fair usage policy and bespoke to each company member.



£350+VAT/Month + VAT

  • Unlimited access to C4DI for all your employees
  • High speed internet 1gb/desk
  • Free board/meeting room use
  • 50% off theatre use
  • Free tea & Coffee
  • Member Kitchen
  • Printing Service
  • Access to events
  • Mailing address
  • Support sessions