Welcome to the C4DI Community.

"We are a community of growing businesses who care and challenge, connect and collaborate and contribute and create!"

We have some wonderful members who have volunteered to help you get integrated with the community. They are here to let you in on all the neat stuff that you can benefit from and answer your questions too. Some of the things they can help you include the events they recommend you go to, who to speak with in the community, what resources are available to you and their own knowledge and experience.

You can connect with the community buddies online via the dedicated slack channel or over a coffee if you prefer to have a chat face to face (just DM our buddies via slack).

To get started:

  1. Join the Slack channel #community_buddy 
  2. Post a one liner about yourself, what you do & something you need help with
  3. Choose a buddy from the list below and grab a coffee with them so they can show you the ropes

*PS If you'd like an intro to any of our buddies or need help setting up slack just ask me (Dee) @dee / dr@c4di.net or Jess @jess / jw@c4di.net

Community Buddy Bios

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