“Every business in the city is digital, some just don’t know it yet”

David Keel, Joint MD Sonoco Trident

The C4DI, or Centre of Digital Innovation, is Hull’s first dedicated workspace and venue for digital and technology companies.

Hull’s digital economy is booming and importantly, supporting the growth of non-tech industries. Digital companies do not operate in isolation from the wider economy. Instead, they work with non-tech businesses to assist them to grow and this is the primary focus of C4DI.

“In a report by Capgemini carried out over two years, they quantified the digital advantage. In a global survey of nearly 400 large companies, they found that the digirati are 26% more profitable, drive 9% more revenue from their physical assets, and earn 12% higher market valuations than their peers in the same industry. Some companies excel in investing in technologies such as social media and analytics. Other firms have strong capabilities to manage transformation. The digirati excel in both dimensions, and achieve better performance than their competitors.”

Substantial, blue-chip businesses recognise the significance of Hull’s digital sector and its power as a driver of growth in the wider economy, as illustrated by C4DI’s partners and supporters, which include PWC, Handelsbanken, Spencer Group and Amazon Web Services and ebuyer.

The C4DI has a wealth of talented members working on a huge number of projects. Their collective expertise can be used to solve the problems and issues non-tech businesses face.

Technology + The C4DI = More successful non-tech businesses


It is vitally important for businesses whether in manufacturing, retail, engineering, renewables, foods or service, in fact, any business, that they need to understand how technology is impacting them and how it can help them be more successful. We are delighted to be holding a series of breakfast briefings for companies who want to learn what is going on, what they need to consider and learn how the C4DI can help them innovate and be more successful by using technology.

The Briefings

These breakfast briefings will be giving non-tech businesses an introduction into a number of key topics which they need to start considering for their businesses. These sessions will inspire, inform and allow debate on the areas of business which can benefit from innovation and technology. Who should attend?

MDs Marketing Managers Senior Management Finance Directors Sales Directors Innovation Specialists

Please sign up below to attend the first breakfast briefing on Wednesday 3rd December at 8am. A map for the C4DI can be found here.


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